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IT Staffing Services

On an interim or permanent basis, Cyanvave personnel fosters development and innovation to achieve your current and long-term company goals.

Staff Augmentation

We have the knowledge and skills to grow teams of workforce consultants to meet demand in Business Transformation, Cyber Security, Enterprise Application, Digital Workspace, and Cloud & Infrastructure as business environments evolve and organisations seek more agility. Cyanvave provides the flexibility you need to reach your goals, whether you require one or 100 – at one site or across many sites.

Direct Placement

We can quickly deliver in-demand, fully screened, qualified candidates for permanent job opportunities while reducing time-to-hire. Our talented professionals have the experience and skills to immediately contribute to your organization’s productivity, innovation and growth.


No office? No issue. Our staffing team handles it all–remote and WFH roles, hybrid settings, and those required on-site. The sky’s the limit.



Sure, it’s about finding someone who fits on paper. But staffing firms like ours know it’s much more that. Even when it’s a short engagement, we are committed to finding the right fit.



Long term contracts are about finding the right culture fit for your team, who’s also got the chops & work ethic to deliver.



As a leading staffing company, we know there’s an art to finding the right person for an organization & team. We take great pride in finding ‘the one’ for any given role, from the C-suite to an entry level position.


  • We work for YOU – providing customized staffing solutions built for your unique business needs.
  • Cyanvave brings the human element back to the job placement process. We select each candidate to fit YOUR job opening.
  • We’ll always respond to staffing requests within the hour during normal business hours.

Attracting & Retaining the Best Fit for Your Business

Our network of specialized companies applies a world-class process for attracting and retaining the absolute best fit of talent to advance any organization’s goals. A complete approach to talent and business strategy helps us stand apart, and keeps our clients ahead in today’s highly competitive market for talent

Labor Market Intelligence

In every local market we serve, we know the top professionals, what they earn, where to find them, and when they are available. We also understand their priorities and what it takes to recruit and retain them.

Customer Alignment

We invest the time to understand your business and culture. Our holistic approach enables us to assess your service requirements, and we work with you to establish a compelling employee value proposition that is positioned to attract top talent.

Strategic Sourcing Process

By leveraging our proprietary network of job candidates and a referral-based sourcing strategy, we increase our speed and effectiveness in finding top talent to meet your hiring needs.

Robust Candidate Screening

We screen all candidates through a solid qualification process, including resume matching, behavioral interviews, and supervisory reference checks. We can also perform certification verification, background checks, and more.

Onboarding & Retention Support

We speed the time to productivity for our placements by facilitating a smooth onboarding program. For contract positions, we also remain in close contact with the client and our consultant, proactively promoting employee engagement, performance, and retention throughout each assignment.

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