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Digital Health

Implementing cutting-edge digital health initiatives to profoundly alter the health-care experience.

Healthcare Security

Making every aspect of your healthcare organisation more cyber-resilient.

Consulting in healthcare with a high influence

Enabling healthcare organisations to embrace an agile attitude in order to provide future-ready care at the pace of life.

Cloud computing in healthcare

The cloud serves as the cornerstone for the future of healthcare, streamlining processes, advancing innovation, and improving care.

Transformation of operations

Getting your health organisation ready for waves of disruption today and tomorrow.

Intelligent payer

Using modern analytics and intelligence to generate exceptional results in any market condition.

Platform for Health Professionals and Payers


Digitally aware consumers want immediate access to health-related information. However, the following problems exist:

There is no one point of contact for patient queries. Establishments cannot forecast patient problems in a united approach.

There is no integrated platform for engaging with end-users.

Inadequate treatment data capture at the provider end limits patients’ access to health information.

At various points of the engagement lifecycle, process redundancy prevails.


Based on the mobile first’ approach, Cyanvave User Engagement Platform provides ‘patient centric’ care in unique ways. Here’s how it’s done:


The internet-based solution, among other things, serves as an individual point of responsibility for patients with questions about good health, claims reimbursements, health insurance alternatives, and testing results.

The solution provides upon request access to up-to-date healthcare information gathered from various sources.

Clients may use their portal to get e-prescriptions and other health care services.

Providers can have access to patient data, test findings, and other information in order to provide prompt, personalised care.

The technology includes Artificial Intelligence, which analyses information and assists in monitoring the health of patients based on detected patient trends.

The previously solution’s built-in cognitive assistant communicates with the user via speech. This makes routine chores like making appointments easier.