Software & Platforms

Providing the foundation for a platform future that overcomes uncertainty, drives scalability, and delivers growth.

What we believe is fueling the exponential expansion of platforms

What is the digital economy beating heart? Platform firms. They now own eight of the world’s top ten most valuable firms, and they’ve done it in only ten years. In fact, they’re becoming synonymous with the economy, and they’ll only become more dominating in all of our lives as they invest in the next generation of technologies that will drive growth through new goods, services, and experiences.

Platform adoption

Delivering experiences that attract, retain and meet the changing needs of your customers.

Virtual experiences

Shaping new virtual-first experiences that drive breakthrough business growth.

Platform strategy

Setting a vision, evolving your products and igniting growth to support your strategic priorities.

Platform integrity

Providing the necessary trust, security, and worldwide compliance across the complicated platform ecosystem.


Platform engineering

Creating goods, data services, and infrastructure to support your platform.

Virtual experiences

Shaping new virtual-first experiences that drive breakthrough business growth.            

Grow SMB

Enabling success, no matter what it looks like. Because when your SMB customers and partners prosper, we all do.

Social Commerce

Social commerce is an estimated $1 trillion opportunity. Discover how to empower creators to unlock tremendous value.

Leading Speed to Strategy

Technology fosters corporate revolutions in other industries. This industry, which includes enterprises ranging from semiconductor makers and network technology companies to industrial electronics, software, and professional services, requires a high level of digital maturity and supply chain resilience. Accelerated innovation, along with an emphasis on as-a-service models and ecosystem play, will assist technology businesses in developing creative solutions for the sectors they serve as well as delivering captivating experiences that will alter the world.

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