Creating a value network

Customers nowadays purchase experiences rather than things. Manufacturers must create linked, cognitive, and collaborative networks that enable large-scale adaptive innovation. This necessitates a neurological approach in which the industrial value chain mirrors the human nervous system, instinctively recognising new information, comprehending its significance, and acting in real time.

Solutions for Autonomous Mobility Vehicles

The Autonomous Vehicle Solutions package from Cyanvave Mobility significantly reduces a manufacturer’s time-to-market and speeds up AV development.
The solutions cover vehicle engineering, data administration, and algorithm development and implementation from start to finish.
Cyanvave collaborates with premier technology and solution vendors to assist customers in effortlessly constructing their AV technology stack.

Connected Vehicle Mobility Solutions

In the future, connected automobiles will be the standard. As a result, automakers are driven to provide personalised client journeys both inside and outside the vehicle.
Personalization will enable automobile companies to monetize driver data and build new business models.
Cyanvave Mobility Connected Vehicle Solutions target market possibilities and help companies accelerate their path towards the connected vehicle area.

Suite for Neural Manufacturing

Over the years, the manufacturing industry has gone through several stages of transformation. Currently, operational model transformation and upcoming shifts in business models are requiring manufacturers to become future-ready.
Enterprises may become cognitive entities, develop connected value chains, and construct purpose-centric partner ecosystems with Neural Manufacturing.
The solution package enables businesses to create personalised experiences, linked and smart products and assets, and resilience through intelligent value chains.

Equipment Intelligence

While manufacturers have launched on a digital path with linked goods, they have yet to generate new income streams from digital services.
Cyanvave Equipment Intelligence provides manufacturers with digital capabilities to offer clients outcome-based performance contracts.
The solution generates an exponential increase in service revenue through innovative business models, strong profit margins, and exceptional customer service.

Digital Plant Management

Manufacturers must enhance operational efficiency and product quality in the face of limited budgets and cycle times. This entails a greater emphasis on productivity, defect reduction, risk minimization, safety, and bottom-line improvement while adopting new technology.
Digital Plant Operations allows paperless operations by digitizing processes, improving traceability, and providing a real-time view of activities on the shop floor. With its machine-in-loop capability, it delivers contextual information that drives the essential intelligence for machine-based monitoring.

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The manufacturing facility of the future will be powered by autonomously and cognitive capabilities. The neuro plant, or neural Manufacturing is at the heart of the modern factory.